Monday, March 28

election urgent

there was a human chain in connection with the propaganda of MAP the mass supported programe of the district administration for a plastic waste free district at kozhikode. The  shining sun, when the children of even primary schools were on the road to participate in the human chain were making swettings which went along their was in full swing two months ago and had got a good media support. Many activities were conducted to support the programme in and around our city like street plays,putting stikers, competitions in schools etc. people were trying to have a good practise of taking things to their homes on cotton bags and keeping some time to discuss the importance of a plastic free land. They were trying their level best to make the venture a success. Different institutions were on the limelight for spreading the same  feeling.
I as a teacher  looked on to the matter seriously,  discussed with my children about the hazardous nature of thrown away plastic wastes and children were responding well both at the classroom and also on their answer sheets as there were questions regarding this in their final examinations.
But it is time for the acid test. the battlefield of democracy.. the election....... which spends a lot on flex boards in multicolour kept on our wayside.
All political institutions are in a hurry to keep these billboards. lots of boards are waiting in the row to hang on our walls.
They are more cheaper and so economic that we all agree. but why should they think about alternatives. Though it may need a little more investment. To create put a sign letting our thoughts to go forward.
the city walls painted in white and colourful caricatures of children says"LET US HAVE A PLASTIC FREE CITY" nearby them we could see a lot of flex agitations.
the persons who could create a good governance may also spend a little to create a history.. I hopefully think that the time is not very far. they may learn to read the walls. they will debug.
the thought about altlernatives may take a good turn at that time.


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