Thursday, March 3

star chase

say a good bye soon. it is high time
who else are our stars...
simply outdated fellows in the film industry who manage hard to keep their position by different tactices and trying to corner new genes which are at the entry level. Holding their supremo by manipulating the screenplays and the sensibility of the viewers.They always think that they are beyond time and keep taking roles which never suits them. Most of the stars are featured not according to their age but according to their hold in the industry.The screenplays and the other dramas are arranged according to their will, and of course not according to the will of the people who often watch them by paying from his pocket.
They belong to one caste , one ...Just like a long truck carrying a heavy load on a narrow road which keeps the road difficult to overtake.Actually they had already completed what they could do.It is the will of the time to call them back. The film magazines, the fans associations, and the meaningless sensibility of certain first day viewers and also the paid journalistic tactices in our press only hinders our will.
It is high time to say a nice good bye to our stars.
To have sensible films,  new excellences, to have a feeling of watching good movies which kills our quest and respects our pockets.
To have new blood to flow through the damaged viens,let our stars sit and watch what they cannot do
give them the chance to watch that...quit stars quit tailormade screenplays...whether it is male or female.whether a padmasri or bharath...whether he is black or white.......
what you feel... is it tolerable
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